The Giants

Each step I take on up this hill
In my self-filling, thrilling will
Is for the find of my more sight
That binds the peak of each new height
To heaven me so high and free
To be the giant I can be—
Atop a mount out-looking far,
Right up within light winds that are,
And over highways sweeping on
To cities that are keen with dawn.
Far down below a silv’ry train
Like curling river cuts the plain;
Sharp silv’ry steel cuts the sky
In ideal man-bird soaring by;
And I, I stand with raptured soul
O’er this grand world that man makes whole.

I love the reason that I be;
I love the things I love to see;
I love the flight of morning light;
I love the distance and the height.
I love the work that’s done right well;
I love the thought and self-lit swell
That joys in judgment all its own
Of human glory dealt and shown.
I am the voice that sings aloud
Of human triumph strong and proud;
I am the words that match with rhyme
Man’s firsts on earth, which are sublime;
I am the praiser, come alive,
To praise as long as I survive.
I am the self-blessed giant bliss
That loves my love of all of this!

Then you come, too, beside me here
And make of us one hand-held cheer
As we stand looking, side by side,
On man’s and nature’s undivide,
Harmonic whole of each made more,
Now richer than they were before,
And you and I made richer, too,
With giant spirits flying true
In light-winged words that soar as one,
As we were glowing sky and sun:
“I love you, love you, all the way;
I love you more than night and day;
I love you that you love this sight,
And feel in you its giant might,
And as we are so shall we be,
Proud lovers of the great and free!”

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