The Court of Final Judgment

You fetid, foul excrescence that’s called Islam,
You putrid puss of pestilential dung,
You vomit of the cowardly souls of moslems,
You evil filth, self dent-head vile,

I damn your phony Allah, phony heaven,
I damn your phony Koran, every page!
I damn your hate of every independent—
Each man so high above you, like a sage.

You are inferior to men and women all
Who live but to enjoy and to be free.
Every act of yours declares that you are nothing,
And for nothing you to nothing go to be!

I judge with right damnation all of Islam;
With sovereign mind I damn this palsied curse;
I damn your base corruption of men’s spirits;
I damn all bastard moslems off the earth!

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