Existence, Number One

From primacy of consciousness
Does every god begin,
As primacy of consciousness
Is man’s original sin.

The garden of reality
He closed his eyes to see,
Asserting his imaginings
Were fruit of ideal tree.

He plucked and bit and chewed it;
The poison took its toll.
He grew into and knew it—
Hallucinatory soul.

His whim he made his master,
His master whim his god,
Then bumped around, declaring
Reality was fraud.

He spoke God’s name and heard it
In echoes of his mind;
“It’s really real,” asserted,
In double sin entwined.

But some men, they are rebels,
And disavow false shade;
They’re on a sun-bright level
Where facts are not mislaid.

Primacy of existence
Is their objective start;
With logic are persistent
To prove their life-love art.

They take all things within them,
Identify their traits,
And make a world that wins them
A step beyond blind fates.

Imaginings of what could be
They measure with what is,
Creating that which beautifully
Is real ideal bliss.

Existence, it is number one,
And good men honor sense,
And look on earth and stars and sun
Through no false shade pretense.

For A is A and man is man,
And conscious is conscious of
The things that are, both near and far,
His mind is made to love!

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