Words of Love Love Love

In the cool-cool-cool of the morning
When the sun’s low-low in the sky,
I am up-up-up and I’m writing,
And I’m high-high-high, very high!

There’s a click, chick, click of a blackbird,
There’s a coo-coo-coo of a dove,
And my pen’s down-down, and it’s writing
Words of love-love-love for my love!

There’s a strong-strong flame on my paper,
How it turns not to ash I can’t say;
But there’s no-no-no, no mistaking
It is high love’s flight all the way!

There’s a step-step-step I am stepping,
There’s an ope-ope-ope, open door;
There’s a song so soft I am singing
In the ears of the dear I adore.

Is she sleep-sleep-sleep, is she sleeping?
Is there slight blink wink of her eye?
She’s awake wake-wake, I am thinking,
So I sing proud loud very high!

She is turn-turn-turn, she is turning—

What a spring-wing play on her lips!

While a sun-beam shoots, and is burning

On the buds of her loved fingertips!


She is there,  right there!  She is waiting;

I am here, right here!  Till I fall!

And I win my win—no debating;

And I have-hold-have, have it all!


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2 Responses to Words of Love Love Love

  1. There’s a song somewhere looking for those lyrics.

  2. Perhaps. Glad you think so.

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