Irrational H

Why all this irrational hullabaloo about a man who’s been as good as dead for the past twenty years or so and who, when he was alive, merely punched men in the head and torso to make a living? During the Vietnam War (1965) I was dis-charged from boot camp because I said that conscription was evil and that the President was evil for ordering it. Saying also, after being asked what my religion was, that I was an atheist (which I think angered higher officers more than anything else). I added that it was a contradiction to draft men while at the same time to be fighting for freedom. I received no praise for voicing, to tight-fisted sergeants and shouting generals, the courage of my convictions. They instead tried to prove that I was mentally disturbed, but failed to do so.

To Cassius Clay. I was aware of his existence, but had I heard that he was to be seen a block away from me I would have felt no desire to follow the crowd to get a view of him.

Now I pause in writing this a baby blackbird comes pecking the ground around my feet. What a sweet and innocent little life—worth seeing.

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2 Responses to Irrational H

  1. Hear, hear Brian. Ali gets accolades for refusing the draft based on religious beliefs. You get a mental evaluation because your objection to the draft was rationally based. Not only were you unjustly drafted and forced to fight for freedom but were forced to fight not for your freedom rather for someone else’s freedom.

  2. Thank you, worldismine!

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