The Optimists

The optimists are gath’ring round
To sing their upward song.
They’re ready for that vocal bound
That lifts them far along.

With faces bright and shoulders light
They open mouths and sing,
“Though now is night, we’re set to fight,
For love-of-life is king!

“We think, we plan, for man is man,
And we are spirits high.
We make each act a living fact
That cannot, will not, die.

“The world is poor, but we have wealth,
And we won’t let it go.
For freedom’s height we wing our light,
And we are right, we know!

“In hope renewed, in joy pursued,
With reason calm and sure,
We’ll gladly lift our golden gift
And ego’s rights restore!

“Ideas real, and hard as steel,
Are soaring forth, a-wing;
They’ll break the bar of ignorance
With ‘love-of-life is king!’

“Philosophy has its new start,
New moral standards stand;
We’ll sheer apart subjective heart
That wisdom may command.

“We thinkers, actors, men of earth,
We fear not evil’s wrong;
We’re men of universal worth,
Where e’er we are we’re strong!

“our optimistic voices ring;
Enthusiasms sail!
We worship love-of-life, our king,
And crowned, we do not fail!

“Aristocratic mind goes out
Where e’er a lone man is,
That he may put away all doubt
That his sole life is his.

“Each week another man turns back
From selflessness—his sin;
Each month ten more join in attack
On losing, yearn to win.

“Each year a hundred grasp the truth
That is their thinking, dear;
And though thought’s slow to speed the flow,
Life’s fountain bubbles clear!

“‘Twill one day shoot, erupt, explode!—
The Fountain Truth—of man!
And he will in his mansion see
The reason he began.

“Then here on earth he’ll know re-birth,
Proclaim his nature, proud;
Raise his estate above the state,
His crown above the crowd.

“His walls of air, his lamps of stars,
Existence his wide floor—
One foot on Venus, one on Mars—
He’ll stride—to all before!

“Though now is night, we’re set to fight,
For love-of-life is king;
With faces bright and shoulders light
We open mouths and sing!”

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