Socialism Succeeds!

I get tired of hearing how socialism fails. People smart enough to know better keep bringing in the standards of wealth, health, peace and happiness and go on to show that socialism fails to achieve these ends. On the contrary, socialism is very successful in creating and reaching its ends of increased poverty, sickness, destruction of production, chaos, and un-abating sadness. The aim of socialism is spiritual and material ugliness and defeat, and it has succeeded in every country in which it has been tried.

Pictures and videos of people wearing worn and torn clothing, fighting for small amounts of food, or lying unattended in filthy hospitals, should be captioned “The Triumph of Socialism!” or “Socialism Wins Again!” or “Hail the Might and Greatness of the Beauty of Socialism!” Taking things to their logical end will do more to counter socialistic ideas than to keep on saying, “It has failed again.” That merely gives people a chance to say, “Well, this time it won’t,” or “It hasn’t been tried here yet.”

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