Webster’s Seventh Collegiate Dictionary

“Climate: the average condition of the weather at a place over a period of years exhibited by temperature, wind velocity and precipitation.”

A place’s climate is a statement of an average of past facts. Past facts do not change. Without the man-made methods of addition and division there would be no way to determine an average. The very concept of average would not exist. All that one could say about a place was that it was usually warm and muggy or, of another place, that it was usually cold and windy. The climate change people and their idiot “experts” are trying to get everyone focused on something which is totally irrelevant to human affairs, while positing that as the most important human concern. They want us to forget, or ignore, real human concerns altogether, with the exception of those evil producers who are “causing” what cannot be caused by man. The more people they can get, or force, to parrot their idiot nothings, the more they can feel justified in their destruction of production.

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