I Deny!

I deny, I deny, I deny, I deny the right of anyone to make me say what I don’t want to say, or to keep me from saying what I want to say. I say that those who would use such force against me are evil. I say that everyone who loves their personal liberty should speak out now and say exactly what those evil science deniers, those evil logic deniers and those evil individual rights deniers don’t want you to say. Say, say, say, “Weather change is every day, every year, every century, every thousand and million years, and it has nothing to do with man’s productive activities! Even if they did, there would be nothing morally wrong in that. Steady temperature is not a moral standard. Tis is obvious. Ice ages followed by warming periods followed by ice ages were neither right nor wrong happenings.”

Again, I say that individual rights deniers are evil. They represent the most fundamental and vicious evil of all time. They have existed as pharaohs and kings, as dictators and rulers, slaveowners, thugs and murderers, and now these petty-minded men exist as members of government school boards. It is far past time to deny the rightness, goodness and worthiness of government schools. They are wrong in principle, bad on practice, and worth less than nothing to a truth-seeking student. Falseness is their theme; their motto is selfless obedience; their end is robots who can’t think for themselves.

I deny the right of government to have its own schools. There is no such right. I deny the right of government to be involved in matters of science, including climatology. The only rational purpose of government is the protection and defense of individual rights. I deny the dishonestly assumed right of government to embrace the irrational evil of slaveholders. I say, “Down with deniers of individual rights! Down with fascism, down with socialism, down, down, down!”

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