Along The Shore

“Daddy, why did you pick up that can and put it in the trash?”

“Because it’s pollution.”

“What’s pollution?”

“Pollution is man-made stuff that dirties pure nature.”

“Daddy! See that ball lying in the dirt? Can I have it?”

“Sure, Suzy. Just wash the dirt off in the creek.”

“But, Daddy, that dirt is pure nature. Isn’t it good?”


“Here’s another can, Daddy. I’m going to throw it in the creek and see what happens!”

“No, Suzy, n…oh, too late.”

“Look, Daddy. It’s bouncing along on the little waves! It’s having fun!”

“Now, Suzy, I’m going to have to turn you in. You’ve polluted the creek, and that’s against the law.”

“Daddy, you’d better take off your shoes and throw them in the trash. They’re man-made, and are polluting the pure ground. You’d better hurry, or I’ll turn _you_ in!”

“Suzy, you’re impossible!”

“No I’m not; I’m right here.”

“I think it’s time we took you out of that damn private school and put you into a government school, so you can be taught what to think!”

“And I think it’s time for you to study logic. You’re supposed to be a grownup, not a grown down!”

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