Up Above

Oh, the juice of a poem that’s a joy to the tongue,
And is meat to the mouth of the mind,
Oh, the masterous rapture of passion upsprung
In the breathing of meanings that bind;—
What is more to adore in the music of speech,
What of wealth is more healthy to gain,
Than the wonder of wisdom, clear spoken, to preach
That my life is my planet to reign?

Where the sound of my soul ever soars throughout space,
Open mouthed, may the songs of me win!
May the power of beauty prove high its first place
In each burst of each day I begin!
Yea, the measures I climb are uplifting, sublime,
And my rockets of rhyme are my height,
When the words I say thrill with my sky-shooting will
And the music of thought is my light!

I am sun, I am star, shining near and afar,
With a radiance firing my brow;
I am champion cheerer that nothing can bar
From the launching of truths I avow.
For my science of soul is a brightness so bold,
And the art of my speaking so fair,
I encompass the sky in a masterful hold
For each mover and maker who dare!

Poems of praise for the ways of my mind are a-ring
With the joy of my voice that I give;
From my mouth all my letters unfettered take wing
To be one with the poems that I live!

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