First Owner of Mars (with a debt to Ron Pisaturo)

The owner of Mars is that lover of man
Who owes what he dreams to the whole of his plan
To reach beyond bars with the might of his mind
And stake out his claim on his future aligned—
Aligned with his reason, aligned with his youth,
Aligned with the highway of freedom and truth,
That stretches unending past vastness of stars—
To trade with his equals as owner of Mars.
All time and all space are as ventures to he,
Who knows that new treasure new effort will free
As long as he’s true to the meaning of man
And does what he does just as right as he can.
Derision has nothing to do with his deeds,
Dishonesty wins not a dime from his leads;
Selflessness holds not a share in his gain,
Who’s end is all his in self-glorious reign.
Proud maker, true trader, high staker of stars,
Is he, the self-starter, first owner of Mars!

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