Galloping On!

Oh, galloping on with a gurgling song,
Down ‘tween the rocks I go!
And my frothy hair whips/spits through air
At every turn—just so!
I leap from shocks o’er the mid-stream rocks,
Dash on with a lusty drive
As, watching me, each wind-bent tree
Sees truly that I’m alive!
Then slow, awhile, I gently smile
Around a wide, wide bend,
Where children play and splash away
With me, their level friend.
Then down—a fall!—does not appall,
But speeds me faster—see!
I crash through rocks with laughing shocks;
I’m shouting, “I am free!”
A-galloping on with gurgling song,
A rider upon my back,
With leaping bound he’s flipped around;
He beams in his ka-yack!
Oh, I am a river, and I deliver
The joy of the melting snows.
The mountains’ song in me is strong,
As on and on it goes!

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