Trumpetta and Hillary Sanders

Hillary sanders tried out for the high school sprint team. He wanted to run the hundred yard dash. He had a bloated upper body and thin, spindly legs. Five boys tried out for the two available positions. They lined up; the coach said, “Go!” and they were off running. Hillary came in a distant last. The third and fourth place finishers shook the hands of the two best runners and went on to try out for another event.

Hillary shouted, “That’s not fair! I’m just as good a person as those two guys! In fact, I’m better! Last week I hugged a tree and helped clean up the park. I deserve to be on the sprint team!”

But that is just where he got it wrong. He was not a better person. He was a poor loser who did not admire superior ability. He did not even try to get in shape beforehand. He did not try to evaluate his natural abilities. He did not try anything but to wish. His mother, Trumpetta Sanders, consoled him by saying, “Don’t worry, Hillary, you can get even with those boys by going into politics. Then you can bring everyone down to your level, and even lower. You’ll be able to break their goddamn backs!”

Hillary Sanders smiled, with a malicious gleam in his eyes.

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