I Will Rise (For those who have lost their dearest loved ones)

Though he I love no longer lives
My love is strong, for still it gives.
It gives of me to he, to he,
To he I love in memory,
Now bound within the life of me,
Who am his vault of sacred soul,
The secret place of dearest whole,
The clasping of unending goal,
Of love that gives to life much more,
Through admiration’s open door,
As step by step goes on before,
With he in me my highest song,
My golden bell rung on and on.

To do things well for he and I,
My head, for us, to lift up high;
In pride of spirits two in one
To feel his breath in mid-day sun.
To be alive, as he loved me,—
Oh, this is right, and it shall be.
The best of night shall be ours, too,
With tenderest quiet coming through;
The stars will twinkle both our eyes
In kindness of self-loving, wise.
His joy the dawn will through me ring
And I will rise, and of him sing.

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10 Responses to I Will Rise (For those who have lost their dearest loved ones)

  1. Susan M Bagay says:

    So moving, Brian. So deep… Profoundly an art within your soul.

  2. Tiffany Jewell says:

    Brian, you clearly understand the grieving heart. Your poem portrays an understanding of what a couple in love mean when they profess their undying love to one another. Love carries on.

  3. So beautiful & perfect! Thank you Brian. I think this is another one, with your permission, I would like to copy & frame,


    • Go right ahead, Sandra. Thank you for the praise.

      • Sandra Brents says:


        You are welcome. I would love to meet you personally. Are you planning to attend OCON?

        Sandra (Sandi)

      • No, Sandi, I won’t be there. When I was twenty I attended NBI in the basement of the Empire State Building (1966). That was a thrill, hearing and seeing Ayn Rand. I also got to see Frank O’Connor and to view his very benevolent paintings.

      • Sandra Brents says:


        What a treat that must have been!. I was 23 in that year but didn’t hear of Ayn Rand until three years later when a friend gave me a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Unfortunately, it would be ten years later before I read it and during that time I never heard of her but was committed to reading the book which I did. Thank goodness.


  4. Yes, Sandi, it’s good that you read it at last. I remember picking up Atlas in a drug store when I was 18, but put it down after concluding that it was science fiction. Half a year later I discovered “Anthem” and that steered me straight.

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