Just Right

It’s just a cup of coffee,
It’s just a table, chair;
It’s just a bit of open space
Between the buildings there;
And now, here’s someone coming,
Her shoes are clicking light.
It’s morning in the city
And everything’s just right.

She sits down at the table,
She lifts the cup to lips;
Her gray eyes watch a seagull
As up and down he dips.
She hears the traffic murmur,
Aroused by end of night;
The workday has begun now,
And everything’s just right.

She’s got a pad for writing;
Black pen is in her fist;
The thought she had is back now,
And not a word is missed.
She sits among the sky-seeks,
Intense, yet free and light;
Her pen in steady motion
With everything just right.

A breeze has touched her forehead;
She stops, looks up to see
A straight white line extending
In triumph clean and free.
It’s over-scored her purpose;
She underscores it, too—
Her hero solves the problem
And breaks ill men in two.

Another cup of coffee,
Another action set;
She’s right there at the finish—
“Lost” love is not lost yet.
Then suddenly she’s standing!
Her arms and hands sweep wide!
As if to clasp the towers
That rise with her in pride!

She’s done it! She’s in Heaven!
The blue sky seems to smile!
A seagull screams in passing
That waving is his style!
Achievement—no one knows it,
But she knows—that’s for sure:
“My great, new story’s written,
And it will long endure.”

A door behind her opens;
Her man of steel is there,
His light blue eyes admiring
A scene so right and rare.
He says no word, just watches,
Till she turns round with “Yes,
My story is completed
And it’s my very best.”

True love is on the terrace,
Where gray and blue eyes meet;
Their four lips close together,
Their hearts more closely beat.
Then back, with arms extended,
He holds her, turns her round.
“You’re more than earth, my dearest,
Your mettle core more sound.

“The sun may seem more mighty,
The stars may hold the sky,
But such your strength of vision
I feel it pull me high,
Where gravity of joy is
A sun beyond the sun,
That lifts the world like Atlas
And spins it just for fun!”

‘Twas just a cup of coffee,
‘Twas just a table, chair;
‘Twas just a bit of open space
Between the buildings there.
And yet, someone was coming,
Her steps were firm and light;
‘Twas morning in the city
And everything was right.

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