Intaxication, A Necessary Evil?

In the book I’m reading on word origins I read, “No one likes taxes, but almost everyone realizes they’re a necessary evil in order to keep a nation or republic strong.” Let’s look at this.

If a strong nation or republic is the desired end, and if taxes is the necessary means to that end, then everyone should, in fact, _like_ taxes. Also,, if the means, taxes, achieves the end, why would anyone call that means evil? And if, in fact, taxes are evil, who could possibly think that a good end could be achieved by them?

Does anyone ever say, “Boy, that man lies all the time, but if he keeps it up he’ll become an honest man.”? Or, “Gee, George beats his wife almost every night. It looks like they’re on their way to a lifetime of wedded bliss.”? Or, “Keep drinking that poison, son; tomorrow you’ll wake up feeling like a new man.”?

This idea of evil being essential to good is pure crap. People don’t like taxes because taxes are evil, but most people are weak in that they don’t hate that which is evil. Many have been weakened by the idea that there is some good in the worst of us, which translates into there is some good in the worst idea.

Intoxication may lead to a car wreck; intaxication may wreck a whole country.

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