Light and Shadow

Light and shadow dance with leaves,
Playing, waving, in the breeze;
Sparrows hop about and shop
For wee twigs to put up top
Where their tea-cup mansion, strong,
Waits freed kings of cheeping song.

Light and shadow ripple fair
In the girl’s yellow hair;
Pen in hand moves to and fro
As she draws the bridge below.
Adds she one not there to see—
Tall young man of mystery;
Sends a shaft of bright sharp gold
Across his face, which looks so bold.

Turned, he has, to see his fate,
Turned to eyes on eyes elate.
Will he leap the rail there?
Light and shadow touch with care,
As if pen were loving kiss
Springing from her spirit’s bliss!

Up she stands for tall, glad think,
Sees me watching, winks a wink.
I do smile and nod my head,
Giving praise to thoughts un-said.
Off she goes, through shade and light;
Sparrows flutter, find what’s right
For their tea-cup mansion strong.
Light and shadow play along.

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