Let Winter Die

Winter’s hands are icy cold;
Winter’s breath doth freeze.
Burst, O Spring! Jump! Be bold!
Tackle Winter at his knees!

“Foul!” he’ll cry,
But let him die;
His time for play is done!
“Not fair,” he’ll plead,
But fair, indeed,
Are you with brave new sun!

Winter’s eyes are hard and cruel;
Winter’s speech is stern.
Light, O Spring, light your fuel!
Melt him with bud’s burn!

“Why?” he’ll cry,
But let him die;
Fair answer give him none.
Just let him go
In weeping flow
As down his tears do run!

Winter’s body weakens more;
Winter’s soul is slight.
Break his hold upon your door,
Spear him with green might!

Pierce, then rise
Up through last cries
That you do not play fair,
Then shoot him out
With violet sprout
And dandelion dare!

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