The Forbidden Song

I will praise aloud the man of competence;
The master of hard things I will exalt.
The man of independence I will gladly cheer;
He, inventor of invention, is his own hero.
I will laud the objective scientist;
The discoverer of truths I will honor.
To he of rational justice I will open my lips in joy;
In the bestower of earned praise I will ring.
Through the man of beautiful body and spirit
I will send rhapsodies to the skies;
Through the man who stands alone,
Though the whole world stands against him,
I will vibrate his virtues and his undeniable right.
From the mouth of man’s triumph I will swell proudly;
In the hour of his rest I will softly hum.
For I am the god of greatness and the love of life,
Of exerted high will and higher, achieved beauty.
Yea, I am the forbidden song in each man’s soul.

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