Her Songs Are The Songs, a tribute

There are thirteen songs in Alexandra York’s book “Over The Years.” She wrote the lyrics. John Massaro wrote the music. The scores are in the book—to be followed, played or sung.

Her songs are the songs
Of the lovers who fly with their dreams
In the sky

And her words are the wings
Of their spirits that follow
And catch them with love

To lead them up higher
And higher and higher,

In rhythm of rhyme
And melodious fire

In songs that are songs
Of the dreamers who live
To fly with their loves
In the sky.

Her songs are the songs
Of balloons that pop up
And whee down

In the world of your eyes
Like a birthday surprise

When you come out to play
Like a butterfly sharing the way
Of the day of a song
Bright as light sung in you.

For the wonder of you
Of you of you,

Of your smile that knows,
As the snow and ice goes,
What springs new in the melody
Singing in you.

Her songs are the songs.

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