A Look

You are beautiful to see,
Almost a part of me
…..as I look

From your gold-glowing hair
To your body so fair
…..as I look,

But your face is more rare
With your eyes that so dare
…..me to look,

While your mind is on me
Judging all it can see
…..in a look.

As our sights now entwine
In a love-light divine
…..as we look,

We are glad that we know
Our whole souls that we show
…..through a look.

Yet our hands seem not ours
As they reach for the stars
…..where they look,

And our feet won’t stay still,
But commence up joy’s hill
…..to that look,

While a magnetized force
Is directing our course
…..by this look,

Till we’re almost a one
From a two that is done
…..with a look.

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