Islam Is The Foulest Evil

From every hill and mountain,
Across the oceans wide,
Through forest, vale and canyon,
Aloud on every side,
Through cities, towns and nations,
through towers, houses, car,
And all across the airways,
And up into the stars,
One sentence clear is sounding,
One voice speaks clean and free:
“Islam is the foulest evil
That you will ever see!”

“Islam is evil! Islam is evil!”
Rolls round the world and round.
Through every railway station,
Through every bank and store,
Through every auditorium,
Loudspeakers tell the score:
That Islam, it is evil,
Is evil to its heart,
And such a rot as it is
Must from the world depart.

“Islam is evil!” “Islam is evil!”
Rolls town to town to town,
And those who do not know it
Are considered upside down.
“Islam is evil!” “Islam is evil!”—
The truth is everywhere!
The butcher tells the baker,
And he, his customers,
And they tell friends and family,
Who write to stations on TV,
“Islam is evil! Islam is evil!
Now speak the truth for you and me!”
Leaders of cities, countries, states,
Conclude them, after brief debates,
“Islam is evil! Islam is evil!
Let’s wipe it out with wiping great!”

The mosques are noted, every one,
And up the bombers fly.
From morning till the setting sun
The bombs do kiss “Goodbye.”
A hundred thousand, maybe more,
All vanish into dust
With all the evil they’d in store,
And all their evil lust.

Boom! Boom! Boom and boom!
For Islam’s evil, all its sins—
Its sins against man’s happy life,
Its sins against man’s mind,
Its sins against all innocence,
Against men good and kind,
Its sins against all women, yes,
Against all children, too.
Boom! Boom! Boom and boom!
Foul Islam, you are through!
Islam is evil! Islam is evil!
Islam is evil! Islam is evil!

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