My Own Ayn Rand

You walked the gleaming hall
Completely comfortable
And saw not gazes
Of wondering faces,
Who with awed sight
Did love your light,
For one voice clear
Then held your ear
Who was your dear
Own husband, Frank.

I, too, did see
And feel the force
Of your calm course.
So sure and free
And light you came—
My first intense
Of living flame—
I could but stand,
Speechless, shy,
While you passed by—
My own Ayn Rand.

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2 Responses to My Own Ayn Rand

  1. You saw her… Joy for your joy.
    I missed seeing her by missing a flight (first flight) to see her last Ford Hall Forum talk.

  2. Thanks, worldismine. Yes, I saw her, heard her speak many times, and was able to see Frank O’Conner’s amazing watercolors on the walls of The Empire State Building’s basement walls.

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