Adam and Brute

“So,” says Adam, “you believe in a god?”

Brute answers, “Not in ‘a’ god, but in God!”

Adam dowses this with, “I’m not concerned with the arbitrary capitalization of ‘g’. That does not create a unique, real being. It is a grammatical dishonesty that has gone on long enough.”

Brute, in a huff: “But God is real! I know it! I feel it!”

Adam asks, “Can you see, hear, or touch this god of yours?”

Responds Brute, “Of course not. He is not open to ordinary perception.”

Adam calmly strikes: “The mind is capable of two things: consciousness of the outer world and self-consciousness. If what you claim to exist is not in the outer world, it can exist only in your consciousness; that is, inside that roughly six by nine inch box which is your head. Your god, being there, cannot escape from there, can have no power over anything outside of there, and is only your personal-wish echo chamber.”

Brute roars, while grabbing a club, “God _is_ powerful! He gives me the power to strike you down!”

Adam: “But see! Karate gives me the skill to deaden your arm, to expel your breath, to send you sprawling! Now your god is an unwished pain splintering inside your head! Reach out to it, cry to it, pray and wish, wish and pray! That’s it, close your eyes to the real, exist only in your mind! Box yourself in! Clasp your god!”

Then Adam walks out, stepping firmly, blue eyes brightening at the sight of seagulls soaring around his favorite skyscraper.

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