To Mean or Not To Mean

Does end of time draw on apace?
Does Man stand blind before his face?
Will high achievements fall to dust?
Will Progress boom into a bust?
Will men stay too afraid to give
Themselves to Pride while they do live?
Stay too afraid of mindless curse
Of those who hate the universe?
Are heroes done and great men gone?
Will there not be a brand new dawn?

Space won’t care if men don’t soar;
Stars will shine just as before.
Earth will spin and sun will blaze
No matter if man goes or stays.
But Meaning, what will Meaning do
If Man is with the whole world through?
Since Meaning was raise up by man,
He’ll sink to naught, whence he began.
Then will existence be as death,
A timeless grave, all meaningless.

Man qua man, qua reasoning thing—
It’s only he gives purpose wing.
Yea, Man qua man, qua thinking soul—
It’s only he gives being goal:
A goal, an aim, a use for he
Who stirs through things his energy,
His energy of plan and act,
Of driving dreams to finished fact,
Of grasping all that’s in his sight
And making meaning his grown height!

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