The Clinton Show

The other night I was watching Hillary Clinton on live TV. She was wearing some light beige outfit and her brassy hair was brassy. She was just laughing off some weird reporter’s suggestion that maybe she wasn’t always entirely truthful when she was struck right in the middle of her face with a big, juicy, over-ripe tomato. Then another hit her in the right ear, and another on the top of her chest. Boy, oh boy, did she go wild then. She was cursing so loudly with so many F and B bombs, and yelling at the crowd about how they were going to pay for this—–and then she really got it. Must have been a couple hundred accurate-aimed red and pink tomatoes all over her from head to toe. One big bit of tomato dangled off the end of her nose. But then, slipping and sliding and helicoptering all over the stage, she finally got out. Oh yeah, did I mention that the crowd was shouting “What’s it matter now?!” all through the onslaught? Then, all of a sudden, it was over. Too bad it was so dang short. One of the best TV shows I’d ever seen.

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