This Is It

His “I” is why the man goes high
To soar across the planet sky,
And I am me to rise and be
The highest flight you’ll ever see,
Above dear earth and over Mars
To flare a diamond in the stars,
And yet more bright than any there,
And so more lovely, so more fair,
You’ll ache to be an “I” as I
And soar across the planet sky,
Where, held by your admiring gaze,
We’ll soar together nights and days,
Alone within our world of light
To kiss in bliss with all our might.
And we’ll discover features new,
Beyond the few few men pursue,
And for your hearing I will sing
A song of “Rise” in everything,—
A song of “Rise” in you and I,
A song of “Rise” in rising high,
A song of “Rise” and “Rise” and “Rise”
That in itself is Paradise—
A going on, a not complete,
A never-ending man-made feat,
That does not pause and does not quit,
That Is the “I” of “This is it!”

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