Done With Men of God

What does it mean when a man, a priest,, minister, preacher, etc., says that he is a man of God? That he speaks for God? That God has appointed him? That he has volunteered to work for God? What kind of a god needs spokesmen or volunteers? How inept he must be. Or, he needs an interpreter? Again, how inept he must be that he can’t pour his soul directly into the souls of men without needing middlemen.

If God is real, then these middlemen are fake and phony, imposters, deceivers who put themselves between God and men, and the men who listen to them are self-deceivers, blind men who follow blind men, forsaking their nature-given, independent, rational nature. Down with all priests, all prophets, all Imams, all preachers! Be done with all men who say they are men of God! God has no use for them, and has no need of them.

Nor has god a need of Heaven and Hell. Why should he want singers in Heaven when he can sing more divinely than any? And how would watching sinners writhe in Hell be of any profit to him?

What? God does not exist for himself, but is selfless? If he created the world, it was not selflessly—there was no one else around. After his creation, did he say to himself, “I feel guilty for being entirely selfish, therefore I will make men so that I can selflessly help them”? “I will make two helpless creatures: Adam and Eve, who will cry out for me. Done. But what’s this? They are beginning to think for themselves and gain knowledge! Damn them! They don’t need me! Can’t I do anything right?! I strove to become selfless, mindless, hopeless. Forget that! I’m going back to being Me! I am God, I am Selfish, and I am proud! And I am done with men of God!”

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