Beyond, or Below, Understanding?

Ben, a rational atheist, in presenting highly imaginative, yet very logical arguments against belief in God, finally got his opponent, Rich, locked into a corner. Upon which Rich responded with what he apparently felt was an unanswerable statement: “The ways of God are beyond man’s understanding.”

But Ben, unperturbed, pushed right back with, “Then when you present arguments for God you are engaged in self-contradiction; your words have absolutely no meaning. All you are really trying to do is to make your listeners believe that a man of faith is also a man of reason, deserving respect for having a rational point of view. At this point, if you were really rational, you would just close your mouth and not say another word. But no, you want to have your cake and eat it, too. Now that this is known there is no reason why anyone should pay any attention to whatever you have to say regarding religion or faith or God. You have yourself passed below human understanding.”

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