Old David

His grip upon his deadly gun,
Aimed straight against his foe,
Was like a tide of ocean’s run
That has a ways to go.

The teller killer twisted slight,
Grabbed steel and quickly drew,
But David’s gun has spoken right
And Logic says, “You’re through!”

One partner of that evil plot
Had leaped his horse to scat;
A hundred yards off quick he got,
But David ended that.

With arm straight out, steady, sure,
He fired just once, to see—
A bad man who has oped the door
Past being to—Not Be.

Now one was left, behind the barn—
Thought he was hid from day.
Said David, “When you gonna learn
There ain’t no ‘scape from pay?”

Then sudden, that man leaped on out,
A-shooting crazed and wild!
Old David was nowhere about;
Up on the roof he smiled.

One single shot into the head,
And one last failing curse,
And that bank robber lay down dead.—
The ‘taker brought the hearse.

Old David, he is very old,
But justice keeps him spry.
If ache, some do, for others’ gold
He’ll pay their pain to fly.

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