Necessary Evil?

According to Christianity sex is a necessary evil.  What is a necessary evil?  How can something deemed necessary to life be regarded as evil?  Why aren’t breathing, eating and drinking deemed necessary evils?  And what about seeing and hearing?  Why not go all the way and say that being is a necessary evil?  What?  You need to be evil in order to be?  But if being is evil then you don’t need to be.  And what is a necessary good?  Non-being?  Good for what?  To whom?  Good for nothing.  If the standard of good is nothing, or non-existence, then it is not a standard at all.  No effort is required to reach it.


In fact, non-effort is what IS required.  Thus, the idea of a necessary evil is a corruption of all standards, a throwing away as useless all morality.  Therefore we see that Christianity is a necessary evil—if you want to achieve the nothing of moral worthlessness and death.

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