Phony Jesus

How preposterous is the idea that Jesus on the cross is to provoke either pity or guilt in any onlooker. For if, according to believers’ accepted myth, Jesus was immortal, then his alledged death is phony–and, he knew it was phony. And, if he suffered at all, it was only temporary, with no lingering or lasting effects. Inotherwords, he didn’t die for anyone, because he didn’t really die, and he didn’t suffer for anyone’s sins, because he didn’t really suffer. Again, keeping the context of the myth, in honesty he should have said, while nailed to the cross, “I am going to pretend to suffer and die, but in three days I’ll be out here walking, completely healthy and happy, ready for my trip up to eternal youth and happiness. Just remember to feel guilt and sorrow for how you’ve ruined me. Ha Ha Ha!”

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