When Kathy Gray got on the train—
Whoot! Whoot! Whoo!—
Each man turned round his head in strain—
Whooo! Whooo!

But Kathy glanced at no one there—
Whoot Whoot Whoo!—
And sat her with an easy air—
Whooo! Whooo!

She read a book, was by Ayn Rand—
Whoot! Whoot! Whoo!—
And saw her hero take a stand—
Whooo! Whooo!

The heads turned back and sunk on down,
Except for one, so rare;
And he completely swung around
To see just what was there.

He saw dark eyebrows, eyes intent,
A calm, yet raptured face,
A sense of energy unspent
To blast through time and space.

He saw her lips, so lovely grim,
As quick she turned a page,
And he felt like a glowing hymn
In this unreverent age.

When Kathy gray got off the train—
A-chug, a-gasp, a-sigh—
Don Ford forgot he should remain
And waved the train goodbye.

There never is much more to tell—
Whoot! Whoot! Whoo!—
When stories start so very well–
Whooo! Whooo! Whooo!

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