Refugee, Principle

There is no real problem with a refugee as long as one holds to the principle of non-initiation of force. First, if you know someone who is fleeing his country and coming to yours, you can choose to help him–financially, for a while, and/or help him to find a job. But no one has the right to force your help, nor do you have the right to force the help of others. Second, you do not have a duty to help others, refugees or otherwise. What you are free to do does not change because of massive numbers—a wave—of refugees. Every person’s choice to help, or not to help, is his own individual decision. It is only the state, acting as the voice of an altruistic body of citizens, which creates “the problem” of refugees. AS refugee does not have a special status. He may have lost his home and all his possessions, but so has the victim of a tornado. He may not have a country, but the fact that he left his country does not earn him a claim on anyone who has not left theirs.

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