Life and Love

Life! What a wonderful thing!
To breathe and stand, to see and think!
To walk with lightness, run and act!
To lie on down and dream of the future!
Of things to be made, songs to be sung!
Loves to be loved!

He who would hate it and seek to destroy,
He’s dead already in mind denied,
A spiritual self-suicide!
Evil to self, evil to all,—
To all above his worm-like crawl!
ISIS his vice is—final!

Islam, mother of killers,
Mother of hate of life
Mother of self-denial,
Islam is head slams—
Death to the mind!
Islam loves hate!
Islam hates love!

Mohammud is mud,
Poisonous mud.
Moslems eat it
To slow down their blood.
To slow down their blood
And stifle their breath,—
Killed with the Koran
That kills with death.

Allah, the ghost,
Allah, the nil,
Gives them the nothing
They long for and kill.
Allah gives nothing,
For Allah is not,—
Just drool on the lips,
Mo-mud that is rot.

Allah, Koran, Mohammud—
These three most evil,
These three most ugly,
Stomp beneath your feet,
Stamp them out complete;
Eat no vile mud,
Love your living blood!

Love, what a fabulous thing!
To care for, nourish, kiss!
To hug and protect, enjoy!
To stand proudly in the present!
With all you’ve made and won!
Happy with all you love!

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