Moslem Refugees

Who is to pay for their food and housing? Taxpayers.

How was this money gotten from taxpayers? Through threat of force for not paying taxes.

So, the government, which violated the individual rights of its citizens in taking their money is going to use that stolen money to put Moslem refugees on American property. Then what? More stolen money will be given them to keep on living, creating a bigger and bigger dependent class. This will lead to more crimes, more rapes, and more killings of American citizens, and evil Obama and his evil leftist goons will be maliciously happy.

Then all the people who are concerned about the rights of these refugees, though never standing up and fighting for their own rights first, and securing them first, will be smugly happy for being so selfless.

Oh, yes, some of these governors are sounding tough, asking for proper procedures and a slowing down of the processing of these Moslem refugees. But in the end, if they are allowed in at all, whether it’s ten weeks or ten months or two years from now, the result will be the same: thousands of Moslems who do not believe in freedom, but who do believe in killing and raping infidels, will be housed and fed by their stupid, altruistic victims.

That will be very bad for those of us who are not altruistic.

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