Oh, men and women fearless, proud,
Who fought for freedom, heads unbowed,
Who through each battle struck the foe
And laid the bastard way down low,

Who had in sight the dawn’s first light
Even in darkest depths of night,
Who held our country brightest, best,
Of all the lands in this great west,

And with each aim and fire of gun
Knew freedom’s soul was such a one
That for its star-stripe symbol high
You gave your all though you might die,

To you, who gave us life to live,
We now our un-shamed praises give,
And ‘plauding loud your veteran flame,
And cheering strong your fighting fame,

Remember, too, that we must fight,
And not just hope your ling’ring light
Will shine on us for words well said
While blind to evils not yet dead.

Oh, what is praise for veterans gone
If we don’t turn life’s light-switch on
And march through storms of evil will
And smash the foe till he is nil?

And what is love and what is life
If we sit safe from fascist strife?
No! and No! and No! Don’t tread on me!
Arise and fight from sea to sea!

Oh, men and women fearless, proud,
Who for America fought un-cowed,
We, too, with thee, in liberty,
Will battle for man’s right to be!

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