Never Done

I’m here, in dark, at dawn’s begin;
Begins the ground to rise.
Each outward step goes higher yet,
As leader for my eyes.

I look, look up; what do I see?
A star as bright as bright can be!
The wind is still, the sky more wide;
I walk upstairs with easy stride.

Now dawning’s light is filt’ring through
Where planes take off and wink their “New!”
All life-ful trees are cheeping, too,
And all is ripe for what I do!

Upon the roof-top stop, and stand,
Then bless the town with sweep of hand,
Sing out with joy that I’m alive,
At my best best to do and thrive;

Ban,  ban each fear, each doubt o’ercome,
Reach for the peach of learning’s sum!
Oh, taste the fruit of sinless day
With play that’s work and work that’s play!

The sun now edges mountains far;
Now fainter shines the morning star;
Now smoke arises, steam curls fair,
To show my words at work down there.

While I, I stand on Vandamme High
And sing my song up to the sun,
With man and earth and open sky
In triumph that is never done!

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