Altruism is False-uism

What is duty? Conduct due to moral superiors.
Down with inferior superiors! Judge none as high
Who want to control your “I”!
For they are low, as low as they can go!

Altruism is but the killer’s tool
To twist you into a self-hate fool.
Altruism is not “all true”,
It is false all the way through!
Altruism is false-uism!

Just like hate of life is hate of life,
And just like death is death.
The death of you and me, and everyone—
That is altruism!

I don’t want me to live for you,
I don’t want you to live for me.
I don’t want me to die for you,
I don’t want you to die for me.

I am alone, you are alone;
Our lives are each our very own.
You don’t belong to me!
I don’t belong to you!

Are you afraid? Then cower
And crawl pour little hour.
You’re not? Then stand
And shake my hand.

The mystical, religious, feeleristic fillers of space
Are the wannabe killers of time and place.
They want to wipe reality out of all being.
They desire to wipe awareness from volition.
They want to kill mind, kill spirit, kill will.
They want to kill us all with altruism,
That cancerous, soul-eating plague that cries, “Duty!”

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