True Love Kissed

I stood on mount up o’er a vale;
Beneath me all was mist so pale
The tops of trees were barely seen,
Nor trail nor rock where I had been.
A-blot with fog my past was gone,
A-top the world I stood alone;
And yet the sun was fierce and true,
As fierce as thought I had of you.
Yet not resentful, angry not,
But steel metal molten hot
Whose radiant trail is so damn sure
Nor mist nor distance can obscure,
So that your face, so loving wise,
Was super-‘clipsing golden skies.
And though I stood on mount alone,
And though I stood as still as stone,
The vale below me shrank, it seemed,
As up I soared like one who dreamed.
Like feather, then, my body rose—
Perhaps I tip-toed on my toes—
And I an eagle filled with flight
Screamed this song with all my might:
“You, my darling, you are she,
She the free inside of me!
She the you who leaps the height
To live in me through day and night!”

Far off the sun is sinking low,
Far off the stars do faintly show,
Far off the mount is lost in mist,
But here, down here, is true love kissed.

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