Praise to Captain Klaus

Give highest praise to Captain Klaus,
Who from his icy, sea-bound house
Reached hand upon the whale of time
And threw it o’er his back with rhyme.

Then, blood serene and breath not fast,
He blew a gale that shall outlast
The months and years of all time’s strength
To shorten greatness any length.

His wit of word and verve of verse
Sets sail into the universe
With spirit unabashed and free,
His upright mast his poetry!

The isle Atlantis in him goes
With love-of-language his bright rose,
That buds and blooms o’er deep sea grave
Where wastelands sink of men not brave.

Not brave as he, whose daring do
Ignites such joy in me and you
We, too, would sail with Captain Klaus
And claim Atlantis as our house.

Upon our backs all future time
Will with his verses upward climb
O’er wall of wave and wash of tide,
Our minds and bodies lashed with pride!

His voice we hear, “Sail on, nor fear;
The gallant days of life are here!
My meter-planks are sound and true,
My stanza-beams will see us through!

“Stand firm, my lads, then raise a cheer
For this new day and this new year.
Sing out my songs upon the sea
And bless yourselves with poetry!”

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