Go Back!

The Pope is in the White House,
The dirty, filthy louse.
He’s telling all the world
To act like one meek mouse.

“Give up, give up,” he tells us,
“Your profits to the poor.”
Oh, when will men of justice
Kick him out and slam the door?!

Oh, when will men hard-working,
Who never cease to work,
Say, “No!” to altruism
And damn and ban this jerk?!

But lo, these politicians
And creatures of the news,
Look how they fawn and bow to
And nothing him refuse.

Refusing naught to nothing—
Oh, what depth, indeed!
So dark and low their spirits
As they his mouse-squeaks heed.

Yes, he who creates nothing,
invents no goods or tools,
Who can’t compose a simple song,
But makes a play for fools,

Right quick I’d send him packing,
I’d slap him down in style;
Foul altruism lacking,
Self-honoring, I’d smile.

“Go back!” then would I thunder,
“Go back where you belong!
Take evil, selfless giving
And pray for all your wrong!”

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