Proud Poster

Proud poster posting pictures of the beautiful and glad,
Who lights our eyes with sun’s bright rise and blooms disdaining sad,
Who shares the lovely mountain scapes—-high countries of you mind—
With we who love delighting in the joys-of-life you find,
Your positives are positively welcome to our days
And we will keep on “liking” them as “like” were more like “praise”!

Your young man running laughing through a city civilized;
Your child’s last block he’s setting on the tower he’s devised,
The old and vine-clad ruin that men built young of yore,
The framing of a sun-shaft all ablaze on your front door,
The statues and the paintings that enshrine a hero true,
The wedding celebrations and the Happy Birthdays new,
All these, and more, we take and praise, though “like” were somewhat tame,
For button “Love” would truer state our feelings of exclaim!

True poster posting music that bursts to flame the soul,
Who blinds our eyes with tearful cheer until we see life’s goal,
Who presses poems upon our lips, whips speeches in our brains,
Who shows the reach of knowledge new that rational thoughts attain,
We “like” and “like”, and “like” again these positives you post,
And you we love for posting them, and positively toast!

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