Where’s The Beauty?

Music waits its new composer;
I wait, too, with heart and ear.
Melody waits soaring rapture;
Where’s the beauty I would hear?

Harmony waits joyous measure;
I wait, too, some master’s lead
Thrilling with sublimest pleasures,
Gift of genius for my greed.

Empty is the hall of music,
Empty with harsh wail and groan;
Where’s the song of lovely beauty,
Soft to soar on sweetest tone?

Yell me not with mikes turned higher—
Loudest nothing ‘s nothing still.
Only self-controlled desire
Fills all space with well-placed will.

Stirs there now a music master,
Someone somewhere bearing light?
Does his pulse beat strong and faster
For the joy he would ignite?

Come, compose, send beauty climbing!
Write the song that I would praise!
Meanwhile, I will keep on rhyming,
Urging on thy triumph’s blaze!

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One Response to Where’s The Beauty?

  1. Sam says:

    Hey Brian. Love it. And you got 3 of my sculpture names within; joy, master and rapture. ;] Wonderful emotions which your poems bring.

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