Torch of Man

Sun’s lips kiss a thousand windows,
Smite the town to torch of praise.
Low flames, high flames, sharp and golden,
Thrill the sky with manhood’s blaze!

Blameless fire, proud, productive,
Joined to joy in brows that catch
Of men that stride to jobs constructive,
Each an “I”-for-living match!

Theirs to spread the fires of daytime,
Fires that make, and don’t destroy,
Profit fires of leaping May-time,
Adding love to piles of joy.

Joy of effort, love of reason,
Joy of work (no end in sight)
Making Spring man’s always season,
Mind-lit torch of manhood’s might!

Weather changes, man’s uncaring;
Heat nor cold can stop his plan.
Nature calls for risk and daring,
Answers are the pledge of man.

Pledge allegiance to his spirit,
Pledge allegiance to man’s mind;
Pledge the torch you’ve got inside you,
Scale the heights you’ve self designed!

Sun of self in city growing,
Bridge and highway, jet and car,
Farms and gardens burst from sowing,
Spaceships shooting star to star—

These are great, are man’s true beauty,
These are suns that move through time,
Sacred truth the only duty:
Work with pride and live sublime!

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