Scarlett’s One

The birds of the dawn-light
Have birth-songs begun;
His candle full-lighted,
Now pops up the sun;

Soft eyelashes flying,
Rose fingers a-wing,
Our darling is trying
Her birthday to sing!

One b-note from Scarlett
Now babbles through air;
Her giant-sized eyelets
Glow fully and fair;

Two lips made of laughter
And one solemn chin
Make May ever-after
An August-time win.

Oh, face of blown roses
That never shall fade,
Oh, brow that uncloses
Clear shine through soft shade,

Small world of perfection,
Dear sphere of heart’s might,
We cheer your selection
Of open-eyed sight!

A year you have smit us,
One year that’s been best,
A year you have lit us
With joy-smiling rest;

A year, a year’s beauty,
That’s breezed us on through
With spring that’s Spring truly
From summertime you!

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