Through True Blue Sky

Through true blue sky swift birds fly free
Without one altruist enemy.
Oh, wing, my thoughts, in me so strong
I’ll sink the selfless with my song!
Yea, sink the selfless, raise the right,
And lift the good to highest height,
Make truth prevail, foul fiends defy,
Unfurl the flag of holy “I”;
Make reason’s strength leap forth in deed,
That men will see their spirit’s need—
To independent think and act,
Ignore authoritative “fact”,
And for the soul beneath the skin
Make character, not color, win.
All color, race, religious zeal,
Be-clouds the flight of life’s ideal,
Distorts the aim, engulfs the heart,
Brings storms of death that never part.
The selfless soul gives up his soul
To selfless others’ blind control,
And no man flies with others’ wings,
But dies before his spirit sings.
Up, up, my voice, lift off and fly,
And make the blue a sky of “I”!

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