The Evil Judge

The judge said to the pregnant woman, “The court refuses to let you have an abortion. Therefore you will be kept under watch and guard until you give birth. The court is glad that it will have made you, against your choice, into a moral human being.”

The woman, her dark eyes blazing, declared, “By forcing me to give birth to the rapist’s issue you have made yourself immoral, and you have sanctioned his immorality of forcing himself upon me. Indeed, if a policeman had been near enough to prevent the rape, he would have done so, or if I had had a weapon to protect myself, and used it, I would have been hailed as a heroine. You are caught up in a contradiction and such is your immorality of illogical permissiveness that you have not the mental ability to get yourself out of it. As a judge you are a fraud doing the bidding of an immoral state. You’re nothing but a rapist in spirit who pretends to be a man!”

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