Sing to Marriage!

Yea! Praise be to the marriage rite,
Sane target of romantic flight,
Which off does soar on love’s pure wings
While round about all nature sings!

What man and woman true have found
In each one shares, in happ’ness bound!
And Nature laughs delightedly
To see love’s sweet identity.

Woman’s woman, a man’s a man;
That is why this world began—
That loves conjoined could be true, whole,
In reason-guided body, soul!

Her beauty is in his glad eye;
His strength in her hard judgment high.
He worships first, desires last;
She bends like breeze before his mast!

They own each other and yet he leads
With gladder, braver, manly deeds;
And trusting sure right by his side,
She walks within his made world’s pride!

So sing to marriage! Matched in one
Are passions woken, spoken, done!
Then praise you full the marriage rite,
Bright target of romantic flight!

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One Response to Sing to Marriage!

  1. middlingpoet says:

    Huh. I guess I’m a little puzzled by this. You’re celebrating a really traditional view of marriage here, what with one man / one woman, and the woman taking part in the man’s world and everything. But your poem on altruism above sounds very Ayn Rand-like, which doesn’t really sit well with traditional marriage views at all. And your more recent poems on abortion don’t take a traditional view of human life before conception… so I guess I’m wondering how your view of marriage fits into all your other ideas here. =)

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